In production

UFO! (2014)

Turku Arts Academy

An over-enthusiastic ufo researcher finally comes face to face with a real alien, but nothing seems to go quite right after that. Something very unexpected is needed to brake the tension! A comical short animation filled with strange coincidences. 

-U like UFO! is my second year short film in Turku Arts Academy. It will be finished in Fall 2014.


Miksi?/Why? (2013)

Turku Arts Academy
Saana Herranen

Are we suffering from a societal eating disorder?

-Why? is an independent school production I finished in summer 2013. There is often a very delicate balance between "healthy" eating habits and eating disorders. We are taught, partly by the media, that there is a certain way we must look and weigh to be accepted. This, in itself, isn't very healthy.

     >Videoiden Yö 2014



Vihreä Aalto/The Green Wave (2012)

Turku Arts Academy
Saana Herranen, Reetta Hietaranta, Mirka Raasakka, Astri Laitinen and Tiina Räsänen

The traffic lights are green. But not for everyone.

-On our first year of animation studies we made short films on a theme traffic lights. In a group of five was born Vihreä Aalto, a short stop motion animation.

     >CLIP Short Film Festival 2014
     >Animation night at Titanik gallery 2014
     >Helsinki Short Film Festival 2013
     >Tampere Film Festival 2013
     >Animation Festival Citykani 2013
     >Videoiden Yö 2013